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Postgraduate Course (I)

Current Issues of Chronic Hepatitis B
Room 201
Wan-Long Chuang (Kaohsiung) / Han-Chieh Lin (Taipei)
13:20-13:45 PG1-1 Experience from HCV Cure Chen-Hua Liu Taipei
13:45-14:10 PG1-2 Current Strategy for HBV Treatment: Benefit and Challenge Chien-Hung Chen Kaohsiung
14:10-14:35 PG1-3 Hepatitis B Virus Infection and Liver Carcinogenesis Shiou-Hwei Yeh Taipei
14:35-15:00 PG1-4 Clinical and Virological Significance of NTCP Receptor in HBV Koichi Watashi Tokyo

Postgraduate Course (II)

Possible Future Hopes for Treatment of Chronic Hepatitis B
Room 201
Chiaho Shih (Taipei) / Chia-Yen Dai (Kaohsiung)
15:20-15:45 PG2-1 Overview of HBV Molecular Virology - Unsolved Issues and New Drug (Targets) Man-Fung Yuen Hong Kong
15:45-16:10 PG2-2 Overview of HBV Immunology Mi-Hua Tao Taipei
16:10-16:35 PG2-3 Prospect for the HBV Therapy from the Immunological Approach Antonio Bertoletti Singapore
16:35-17:00 PG2-4 Issues after Hepatitis B Cure --- HBV Reactivation Yasuhito Tanaka Nagoya

Faculty Night

Faculty Night (by invitation) / 4F VIP Room, TICC

Plenary (I): Epidemiology

Impacts of Secondary and Tertiary Prevention in Chronic Hepatitis B Elimination
Room 201 ABC
Junko Tanaka (Hiroshima) / Sheng-Nan Lu (Chiayi)
08:00-08:25 PL1-1 Natural History of Acute and Chronic HBV Infection Chia-Ming Chu Taoyuan
08:25-08:50 PL1-2 Epidemiology and Clinical Significance of Occult HBV Infection Giovanni Raimondo Messina
08:50-09:15 PL1-3 Pathway from the Epidemiological Point of View; Moving towards the Elimination of HBV & HCV in Japan Junko Tanaka Hiroshima
09:15-09:40 PL1-4 Global Epidemiology and Prevention of Chronic Hepatitis B Infection John Ward Atlanta

Plenary (II): Virology

Molecular Virology in New Antiviral Therapies
Room 201 DEF
Masashi Mizokami (Ichikawa)/ Chau-Ting Yeh (Taoyuan)
08:00-08:25 PL2-1 Cell Entry Inhibition as an Antiviral Strategy Koichi Watashi Tokyo
08:25-08:50 PL2-2 Complete and Incomplete HBV Particles Jianming Hu Hershey
08:50-09:15 PL2-3 Recent Development of Capsid Modulators/ Inhibitors as New Antiviral Agents Man-Fung Yuen Hong Kong
09:15-09:40 PL2-4 Eliminating cccDNA: Methods and Difficulties Chau-Ting Yeh Taoyuan

Plenary (III): Immunology

Immunological Aspect of Chronic Hepatitis B
Room 201 ABC
Antonio Bertoletti (Singapore) / Chun-Yen Lin (Taipei)
10:00-10:25 PL3-1 The Liver Microenvironment and HBV Immunity Percy A. Knolle Munich
10:25-10:50 PL3-2 Manipulation of the Innate-adaptive Immune Cell Axis in Chronic HBV Infection Laura Pallett London
10:50-11:15 PL3-3 Cure CHB via Targeting Adaptive Immune Response: Animal Experience Mi-Hua Tao Taipei
11:15-11:40 PL3-4 T Cell Therapy for Chronic HBV Infection Antonio Bertoletti Singapore

Plenary (IV): HCV

HCV: Cure and After Cure
Room 201 DEF
Geoffrey Dusheiko (London) / Jia-Horng Kao (Taipei)
10:00-10:25 PL4-1 Epidemiology and Risk Assessment of Hepatitis C Virus Infection in Taiwan Mei-Hsuan Lee Taipei
10:25-10:50 PL4-2 Current Treatment of HCV Chen-Hua Liu Taipei
10:50-11:15 PL4-3 Unmet Needs of Chronic Hepatitis C after SVR Ming-Lung Yu Kaohsiung
11:15-11:40 PL4-4 How to Achieve Global HCV Elimination by 2030? Geoffrey Dusheiko London

Luncheon Symposium

Luncheon Symposium - AbbVie / Room 201 ABC
Luncheon Symposium - PharmaEssentia / Room 103

Plenary (V): HBV

Challenges and Opportunities in the Diagnosis and Outcomes Prediction of Chronic HBV Infection
Room 201 ABC
Yasuhito Tanaka (Nagoya) / Chun-Jen Liu (Taipei)
13:00-13:25 PL5-1 Advances in the Serologic and Virologic Diagnosis of HBV Infection Yasuhito Tanaka Nagoya
13:25-13:50 PL5-2 Application of Circulating DNA to HBV Induced Liver Pathogenesis Shiou-Hwei Yeh Taipei
13:50-14:15 PL5-3 Application of HCC Risk Scores in Management of CHB Patients Hwai-I Yang Taipei
14:15-14:40 PL5-4 Non-invasive Prediction of HBV Treatment Outcomes Including HCC Grace Wong Hong Kong

Plenary (VI): HDV

Toward Global HDV Control in General and High Risk Populations
Room 201 DEF
Camille Sureau (Paris) / Jaw-Ching Wu (Taipei)
13:00-13:25 PL6-1 HDV Virology and The Novel Therapy for Chronic Hepatitis D Camille Sureau Paris
13:25-13:50 PL6-2 Mechanisms of Large Hepatitis Delta Antigen Induced Epithelial-mesenchymal Transition: Implications of Novel therapy Jaw-Ching Wu Taipei
13:50-14:15 PL6-3 Taiwan-Mongolian Collaboration to Control HDV Infection in a Hyperendemic Area Davaadorj Duger Ulaanbaatar
14:15-14:40 PL6-4 Natural History of Chronic Hepatitis D Virus Infection Chien-Wei Su Taipei

Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony / Plenary Hall

State-of-Art Lecture

Plenary Hall
Ding-Shinn Chen (Taipei)
15:30-16:00 Global Elimination of Hepatitis B: Taiwan Experiences and International Collaborations Chien-Jen Chen Taipei

Chairman Lecture

Plenary Hall
Yun-Fan Liaw (Taoyuan)
16:00-16:30 Towards Hepatitis B Elimination: Taiwan Experience Rong-Nan Chien Taoyuan

Keynote Lecture (I)

Plenary Hall
Masao Omata (Kofu)
16:30-17:00 KL1 HBeAg-negative Chronic HBV Infection: Natural Course and Management in the Light of HBsAg Quantification Yun-Fan Liaw Taoyuan

Evening Symposium

Evening Symposium - Gilead / Plenary Hall

Gala Dinner

Gala Dinner with Travel Grants / The Grand Hotel

Presidential Award - Oral Presentation

Room 201 ABC
Geoffrey Dusheiko (London) / Wan-Long Chuang (Kaohsiung)
Scientific Judge
Geoffrey Dusheiko (London)/ Wan-Long Chuang (Kaohsiung)/ Takaji Wakita (Tokyo)/ Cheng-Yuan Peng (Taichung)/ Chiaho Shih (Taipei)
07:30-07:38 O-006 (95) 4. HBV Virological and host genetic biomarkers associated with time to clinical relapse following discontinuation of antiviral treatment in chronic hepatitis B patients. Chau-Ting Yeh Taoyuan
07:39-07:47 O-007 (106) 4. HBV Treatment of non-cirrhotic HBV patients with Inarigivir followed by switch to tenofovir; Final data from cohorts 1 and 2 of the ACHIEVE trial Chun-jen Liu Taipei
07:48-07:56 O-008 (141) 4. HBV Improved Bone and Renal Safety at 1 Year after Switching from Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate (TDF) to Tenofovir Alafenamide (TAF): Results from 2 Phase 3 Studies in Chronic Hepatitis B (CHB) Patients from East Asia Jia-Horng Kao Taipei
07:57-08:05 O-010 (182) 4. HBV A Novel Fah-/-/Nod-Scid/IL2Rg-/- Based Humanized Mouse Model Generated by CRISPR/Cas-mediated Genome Engineering Cheng-pu Sun Taipei
08:06-08:14 O-011 (184) 4. HBV Risk of Hepatocellular Cancer and Death/Transplant Between Inactive Hepatitis B and HBeAg-negative Chronic Hepatitis B with Antiviral Agents Gwang Hyeon Choi Seoul
08:15-08:23 O-013 (33) 6. HCV Efficacy and safety of 12 weeks of daclatasvir, asunaprevir plus ribavirin for the treatment of HCV genotype 1b infection without baseline NS5A resistance-associated variants (DARING)-Final report Ming-lung Yu Kaohsiung
08:24-08:32 O-015 (198) 6. HCV The 1st Year Data of Treatment with DAAs reimbursed by National Health Insurance Taiwan: Mid-term report Chia-Yen Dai Kaohsiung
08:33-08:41 O-002 (41) 3. Immunology Inhibitory Receptor Co-expression Profiles Of T Cells Co-vary With Tissue Localization In HBV-associated Hepatocellular Carcinoma Yang Cheng Singapore
08:42-08:50 O-003 (164) 3. Immunology Systemic Administration of Toll-like receptor 9 Agonist Could Alter the Phenotype of Myeloid Derived Suppressor Cells with Subsequent Intrahepatic CD8+ T cell Expansion and Inhibits the Hepatoma Growth Chien-Hao Huang Taoyuan
08:51-08:59 O-016 (100) 8. HCC Unique substitutions of PreS/S amino acid in HBV-associated HCC patients with the HLA-DPB1*0201 allele Masaya Sugiyama Ichikawa

YIA Presentation

Room 201 DEF
Henry Lik-Yuen Chan (Hong Kong) / Pei-Jer Chen (Taipei)
Scientific Judge
Henry Lik-Yuen Chan (Hong Kong) / Pei-Jer Chen (Taipei) / Yong Poovorawan (Bangkok) / Sen-Yung Hsieh (Taoyuan) / Han-Chieh Lin (Taipei)
07:30-07:39 O-001 (67) 1. Epidemiology Unchanging High Prevalence of Late Hepatitis B Virus Discovery Among Patients with Chronic Hepatitis B: A Comparison Between Two Time Periods Stephen Wong Manila
07:40-07:49 O-004 (74) 4. HBV Every-two-week Ropeginterferon Alfa-2B Is Safe with Earlier and Higher Hepatitis B E Antigen Seroconversion in Interferon Naive Patients with Chronic Hepatitis B Virus Infection: A Phase 2, Open-Label, Randomized, Active Control, Dose Finding Study Yi-Wen Huang Taipei
07:50-07:59 O-005 (89) 4. HBV Serum Mac-2-binding protein glycosylation isomer level at virological remission by antiviral therapy predicts hepatocellular carcinoma and death in chronic hepatitis B patients with cirrhosis Tung-hung Su Taipei
08:00-08:09 O-009 (179) 4. HBV Cost-Effectiveness of Anti-Viral Treatment in Patients with Immune Tolerant-Phase Chronic Hepatitis B Hye-lin Kim Seoul
08:10-08:19 O-012 (192) 4. HBV Influence of AFP level during direct antiviral therapy on HBeAg loss Rachel Wen-juei Jeng Taipei
08:20-08:29 O-014 (90) 6. HCV Outcome of Hepatocellular Carcinoma Patients Undergoing Direct-acting Antivirals Treatment for Chronic Hepatitis C Chen-Ta Chi Taipei
08:30-08:39 O-017 (194) 8. HCC Hepatitis B core-related antigen is a predictive factor for non-B, non-C hepatocellular carcinoma Yi-Chung Hsieh Taoyuan
08:40-08:49 O-018 (34) 9. Other Transient elastography is useful in diagnosing biliary atresia and predicting prognosis after hepatoportoenterostomy Jia-feng Wu Taipei
08:50-08:59 O-019 (135) 9. Other Spleen Stiffness and Splenic Index Predict Esophageal Varices in Patients with Liver Cirrhosis Wei-Fan Hsu Taichung

Keynote Lecture (II)

Plenary Hall
Mei-Hwei Chang (Taipei)
09:00-09:30 KL2 Toward Global Elimination of Hepatitis B Anna Suk-Fong Lok Ann Arbor

Keynote Lecture (III)

Plenary Hall
Pei-Jer Chen (Taipei)
09:30-10:00 KL3 Research on HBV Life Cycle and Drug Discovery Takaji Wakita Tokyo

Plenary (VII): HBV

Challenges and Opportunities in the Treatment of CHB
Room 201 ABC
Henry Lik-Yuen Chan (Hong Kong) / Chun-Jen Liu (Taipei)
10:20-10:45 PL7-1 Unmet Needs of CHB after NUC Treatment Henry Lik Yuen Chan Hong Kong
10:45-11:10 PL7-2 Management of CHB Sub-populations with Grey Zone Treatment Indications Tai-Chung Tseng Taipei
11:10-11:35 PL7-3 NUC for CHB: Discontinued Versus Continuous Strategy Yi-Cheng Chen Taoyuan
11:35-12:00 PL7-4 Reactivation of HBV in Special Clinical Settings: Risk and Management Chun-Jen Liu Taipei

Plenary (VIII): HCC

Recent Advance in the Treatment of Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Room 201 DEF
Ryosuke Tateishi (Tokyo) / Yi-Hsiang Huang (Taipei)
10:20-10:45 PL8-1 Advance in radiofrequency ablation therapy for HCC Ryosuke Tateishi Tokyo
10:45-11:10 PL8-2 Advance in Drug-elution Bead TACE and SIRT for HCC Yoon-Jun Kim Seoul
11:10-11:35 PL8-3 Proton Beam Therapy for HCC Ji-Hong Hong Taoyuan
11:35-12:00 PL8-4 Advance in Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors for HCC Ann-Lii Cheng Taipei

Luncheon Symposium

Luncheon Symposium - BMS / Room 201 ABC
Luncheon Symposium - Gilead / Room 201 DEF
Luncheon Symposium - MSD / Room 103

Special Lecture

Plenary Hall
Jia-Horng Kao (Taipei)
13:20-13:40 Human Genomics and Hepatitis B Masashi Mizokami Ichikawa

Plenary (IX): HBV Vaccination

The Success and Challenge of HBV Vaccination
Room 201 ABC
Yong Poovorawan (Bangkok) / Yen-Hsuan Ni (Taipei)
13:40-14:05 PL9-1 Global Strategies of Hepatitis B Vaccination: The Past, Present and Future Mei-Hwei Chang Taipei
14:05-14:30 PL9-2 The Implementation of HBV Vaccination in South East Asia Yong Poovorawan Bangkok
14:30-14:55 PL9-3 How to Convince People to Implement Universal Vaccination in a Low-endemic Area? Ayano Inui Yokohama
14:55-15:20 PL9-4 Elimination of Mother-to-Child Transmission of HBV Huey-Ling Chen Taipei

Individual Guidelines and Reimbursement Policy on HBV Workshop

Plenary Hall
Yun-Fan Liaw (Taoyuan) / Anna Suk-Fong Lok (Ann Arbor) / Masao Omata (kofu)
13:40-13:50 IG-1 The Hong Kong Situation Vincent Wai-sun Wong Hong Kong
13:50-14:00 IG-2 The JSH Guideline for the Antiviral Treatment of Hepatitis B Virus Infection and Current Issues in Japan Tetsuya Hosaka Tokyo
14:00-14:10 IG-3 Korean Guideline and Reimbursement Policy on HBV Young-Suk Lim Seoul
14:10-14:20 IG-4 Current State of Hepatitis B in the Philippines Stephen N. Wong Manila
14:20-14:30 IG-5 Update Reimbursement Guidelines of HBV Therapy in Taiwan and the Long-term Outcomes Jia-Horng Kao Taipei
14:30-14:40 IG-6 Management of Hepatitis B in India: Current Guidelines Anil Arora New Delhi
14:40-14:50 IG-7 A Community Based Hepatitis B Programme in New Zealand to Eliminate Hepatitis B Susan Hay Whakatane
14:50-15:00 IG-8 Simplifying “CHB” Terminology in the Hepatitis B Treatment Guidelines Rosmawati Mohamed Kuala Lumpur
15:00-15:10 IG-9 The Evolving HBV Guidelines and Reimbursement Policies in Mainland China Jidong Jia Beijing
15:10-15:20 IG-10 Armenian Clinical Practice Guidelines on the Management of Hepatitis B Virus Infection Hasmik Ghazinyan Yerevan

Closing Ceremony

Closing Ceremony with YIA / Presidential Awards / Plenary Hall